Molly Grue - The Last Unicorn



This is gonna be one hell of a trippy cosplay.

I want to try and write more meaningful comments about why I choose the characters and series that I do... but I really can't on this one. I don't actually like Molly. But you know, it was fun to have a full group with the main characters (admittedly, Imo should totally have been Momma Fortuna/King Haggard, but she opted for the Bull instead...)

I want to say that The Last Unicorn meant a lot for me as a child, or it influenced me in some insightful way... but it really didn't. It probably did more bad than good. It's rather messed up, in truth. But you know, maybe it's the reason I turned out the way I am now? ... by that, I mean a cosplayer, of course. >______>

Amy-Lou posted on 16 December, 2011 - 18:18
Lovely to see a LU group, wish I'd spotted you at the Expo :)

phalor posted on 16 December, 2011 - 20:14
The group looks wonderful, I'm gutted I never got to see this.

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