Kyo (Doctor Kyo) - Dir En Grey




Being a Dir en Grey fan, I felt I had to give this one a try and got a few recognitions in the process, wayhay :D

Used fake blood on the white jacket (not enough to drench it since the stuff was quite thin and ran very easily, but enough to make the effect.) I also wore latex rubber gloves - the kind you could buy in Boots or any kind of pharmacy - and gave them the bloody makeover also (beware, the stuff stinks something fierce XD)

The wig is a standard Smiffy black wig, though the fringe had to be kept to the side in order for the sigil on my head to be seen. I caked my face in white power and used black eyeliner, mascara and lipstick to complete the effect (all Manic Panic brand.) I just used the eyeliner to make the sigil on my forehead. The piercings have always been there :P

Just wearing normal black jeans underneath and trainers (originally had other shoes, but they hurt the feet just walking to the shops, lol)

P.S. Beware, you will more than likely roast to death in this cosplay during the hot weather. Was not my brighter idea XD


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