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FushiCon 2011




EDIT: Pretty much complete. Just got to order the trousers and that's it. :3

I just bought some goggles of ebay and decided they needed a purpose rather than being my oddball accesory when I go out, and what better way to find a purpose than cosplay? :3
Seeing as some sort of steampunk virus has gone through various people I know now, I thought 'what the hey, I've always wanted to do steampunk, here's my chance!'

And here comes the promised info~

Name: Elliot Finbar
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Occupation: Any odd jobs he can find, though he occasionally gets to work shoveling coal on short journies at the local train station

Bio: Elliot is one of many street urchins in London after running away from home a couple of years ago. His parents were vile people who wanted nothing more than to climb the social ladder so they could look down on people rather than others looking down on them, and so Elliot lived a life of harsh rules to train him to be a proper gentleman, despite being so young. After 11 or so years, this got rather dull and so Elliot (being a rather curious, impulsive and overall cocky young boy) decided to pack his bags and leave.

Elliot wants nothing more than to just be free, he loves the feeling of nothing tying him down and is happy to be an urchin so long as he stays independent. He hates working on the trains but enjoys seeing the different places it visits, and so keeps at it even though he knows he could make money in other ways.
For example theft. Elliot did make a living as a thief when he first ran away, but after a while his years of social etiquette lessons kicked in and he decided it wasn't the way to go.

Outfit: -Baggy brown trousers
-White shirt
-Goggles (And yes, he does actually need them. You'd have sore eyes if you shoveled coal into a burning hot fire without eye-protection. XD)
-Glove with gear decoration
-Normal glove


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Progress Journal

29th August 2011

Glove and watch

Here's the glove I made with Midnu. :)
Might need some extra sewing to secure the more flimsy parts. My favourite part it the watch; it's a pocket watch glued to some string but I thought the idea of a pocket watch/wrist watch was cool. XD