Ranka Lee (Yellow/blue dress) - Macross Frontier


The third and final costume of my Three Days of Macrossplay for MCM Expo May 2011. I chose Ranka over Sheryl because her proportions (if not her height) are closer to mine, and her outfits somewhat more practical to cosplay in.

It's going to get some tweaking before it gets worn again – Mylene's kimono took so long (and broke my sewing machine) that I only had a couple of days to put Ranka and Minmei together. The wedges at the bottom of the dress need to be realigned to stop the bunching that's going on, and beading needs to be added at the ends of the wedges.

This was by far the most recognised of the three Macrossplays, and I managed to get photos with a couple of other Rankas, and a Sheryl. I was really happy when they said that I made a "good Ranka"

The chest on the costume is somewhat non-canon – I made it so to a) counterweigh the naturally large bum that I have, and b) to emphasise Ranka's femininity (and avoid looking like a guy in a dress). Given that it's also non-canon in height, you could think of it as a grown-up Ranka if you like.

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