Axel (Organisation XIII) - Kingdom hearts 2


Alcon 2011


Again I've agreed to my adorable Roxas's request (nightshadowfall) to do an Axel cosplay... fingers crossed that it goes well. I'm buying the orgy coat.
And I've found some fabulous platorm boots, 5-5 1/2 inches... I feel I'm gonna be a towering Axel :D

The one thing I'm still worried about with this cosplay is the wig. I'm just worried that even after all the styling I'm going to be doing that it won't look right. I think I may have to re-attempt his wig after Alcon, as I don't have the time or funds to buy two new wigs to make a larger one with the widows peak as I'd really love to have ^^;

And the chakrams.. I really can't wait to finish them :D

fingers crossed with it all though

~ Axel out

Michi-agogo posted on 7 August, 2011 - 21:55
Cant Wait to see this completed! (and the wig!!) <3

FuriePhoenix posted on 8 August, 2011 - 13:01
looking forward to seeing it! sadly not in person though lol

17th August 2011

Its all coming together

So today I practically leapt upon the UPS man on his delivery of my Organisation coat. The seller did a great job tailoring it in the arms for me, am gonna see if I can bring in the waist a little but I'm really happy with it. So after promising my Roxas that I'd work on the wig today I'm going to head off and work on it and then I'll start trying things on (after the 'fun' task of trying to thicken the wig by attempting to sew in more hair). The chakrams are going okay, I've got about 20% of the underwork done on them, I'm bulking up them and covering them with cardboard to give the defined ridge along the faces so those should hopefully be completed and painted by next week ~touch wood~ Watch this space for more updates and progress pictures. Axel out ~ x

8th August 2011

And now

I have the boots!! Picked them up earlier ^^ So all I have to do now is wait for the coat to arrive, style his wig and finish off the chakrams... so basically most of the outfit ^^; But it shall be done!! ^^ ~ Axel out

7th August 2011

It's all coming together!!

I've just ordered my Axel coat!!! I'm so happy :D But now I've got to annoyingly wait till it gets here, then probably going to have to pin/hem it a little ^^; But it's all coming together and the chakrams are almost ready to be mache'd ^^ Watch this space ~ Axel out

31st July 2011

Random coffee-fuelled-update

Just keeping an update of how this is going, well the boots (the gloriously sexy boots if I do say so) are in the post and arriving in the next week or two. ~see the attached image for a preview!!~ The chakrams are being tackled again tomorrow in the daylight, still a lot of cutting out to do before I can start attaching everything together but everything seems to be going okay *touch wood* The only thing I'm concerned about...ish is the angles on the choms, as they're not flat at all but have a double facet ... I'm hoping my plan for doing htat will work... otherwise I think a lot of improvisation and masking tape will be used :P ~ Axel out for now

27th July 2011


I'm so excited, I've just ordered my EPIC platform boots :D 5-51/2 inches... Oh yes I think I'll most definitely be a towering Axel ^^ And work on the Chakrams is going well, I think I've most definitely got enough cardboard for them XD So now my challenge of tomorrow (though technically today I think) is to cut out 4 Chakram outlines, see how I'm going to attach the handles to them, and start playing with the masking tape ^^ I'll be sorting out my measurements soon so that I can order his Orgy13 coat, really don't feel comfortable making that myself. Though I might take off the zip and add a larger one (depends on the seller ^^) Watch this space for more updates. Chakram love to all ~ Axel x

24th July 2011

And so it all begins

Today I started work on my chakrams, which I'm really looking forward to flailing around. After several photocopies of my reference image I expanded it to my preferred size and cut myself a cardboard template out. Now I've got to decide weither to make the actual chakrams of light wood or of several layers of strengthened cardboard. Watch this space people, ~ Axel out x

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