Medusa - Soul Eater





Been re-watching the anime and fell in love with the series again, now I really want to cosplay Medusa :D Mostly because she looks awesome and... well... i've noticed I cosplay evil women a hell of a lot better then sadistic shota boys and innocent teen girls. I'd call that typecasting but hey what are you gonna do? If the witches hat fits? >8D


Mikado posted on 1 June, 2011 - 01:31
like the pic with crono looks like medusas sitting on him

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Progress Journal

3rd June 2011

Making a mess of the finances~!

I couldn't help it! I saw these hareem pants on sale and they were perfect for medusa! So i bought them D: Lmao! Still waiting for zee wig! Can't wait to get my hands on that baby >8D Shall be so much fun to style! Bought some Got 2 Be to style the back and some clear bands for the front twist to keep it in place (ingenious no? 8D)

Bought some fake black nails *bows head in shame* Just in case I don't manage to grow my nails xD Going to paint the arrows onto them soon! COME ON PAY DAY! ;___; It's not till the seventeenth though *sob* T-Two weeks to wait and i'm already poor!

Going to have to wait to buy the contacts and hoodie. Those are all thats left to buy really, then it's just a matter of sewing the eyes onto the hood, the grey/silver bits onto the collar and cutting off the arms! Found a cheep black hoodie on eBay that suits my purposes so i'm pleased with that. Hopefully it won't get sold before i get to buy it though D:

Also decided for the tattoo's to create a stencil, which'll be much more easy to apply on my own if need be 8D Need to buy myself a craft knife when i get paid.

Anyway... thats it ^w^

Peace out!

1st June 2011

Making Progress~!

Woot! Made a proper start to it now!

Tail has been made, the vector arrow is all padded *giggle*, just bought the wig from, slightly more expensive then I would have liked but it's the perfect colour and i've made the decision not to buy any more items this month due to funds. But next month i'll be buying the contacts and hoodie and joggin pants! So the rest can be sorted :)

Also! Spoke to my mother and we have a sewing machine lurking in the attic that she never once mentioned even though i've been moaning about it for months about how I want one >.> Baka-mama!

Think, once i've checked my bank balance, I may splurge and buy the contacts, I don't get paid till the seventeenth of this month though, so it'll be a long and poor wait if I do. So maybe not, may try to find a cheep plain black hoodie so I can start on the hood. My budget for that is £10 - £15 pounds. If anyone has a faint idea if somewhere is holding a sale then do please speak up :)

Once the wig gets here, i'm going to style it very slowly so I don't make any mistakes when I cut it O.O Damn! Just realised I have to buy more got 2 be! Also want to test out some make up runs, and find a way to lighten my eyebrows and Medusa appears not to have any O.O Then i'm going to draw out a template for the tattoo's snake heads. The spots are easy enough. I want the snake heads to be authentic looking!

And in the intrest of my cosplay i'm growing my nails (i.e: more accurately known as quitting biting them) so I can paint them and then detail them with the arrows 8D

Anyway! Enough of my rambling, must... sleeep.... x_x


30th May 2011

Making a start

This cosplay should be pretty easy as i have most of what i need avaialbe close by :D The only things I need to buy properly are the wig and contacts. Other then that the rest is stuff I can find at home :)