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7.9: Well I haven't worn this since I altered the shorts, bought and styled a new wig and as I'm hoping to go to Kita and an opportunity to wear it before then is unlikely, I thought I'd put this up for Kita. Chances are I will take this cosplay to Kita but only wear it if I find a fellow TnC cosplayer.

It's a really cute outfit and I'm enjoying the anime. And who doesn't want a pair of those pimp boots?

EDIT: I hadn't realised how hardcore yaoi this cosplay was until my friend pointed me in the direction of the game. Lol.

Boots: I used a pair of platform flip flops as the base. They actually have a bit of a heel but a little tinkering with the boot covers instead gives me instantly longer legs. I made the boots by pinning red leatherette around my legs whilst I was wearing the base shoes. I then had to carefully slide out of the pinned fabric and cut and stitch accordingly. I attached the leatherette to the soles with small nails and caulked black leatherette into place to create the illusion of a flat sole. I wanted the red to be shiny so I glossed it with PVA. This has a tendency to crack though, so I'm open to alternatives.It would have been better to use red PVC but I needed red leatherette for two other cosplays so it made economical sense to use it here too. For information on the belts see 'ankle, neck and boot belts' below. Black knee high socks under the boots completed the image.

Wig: TBC

Shirt and shorts: I bought a base black polo neck and base black shorts. I couldn't find a matching tartan without taking out a second mortgage so I bought a red and black checked shirt and painted in the rest. The squares are smaller than ideal but that is the curse of only having an internet picture to go on when buying an item. I cut the sleeves off the shirt and hand stitched them to the polo neck, but only around the shoulder so that I wouldn't impede the stretch of the polo neck around the arms. For the shorts, I laid the shorts out on some scrap fabric and used them to draw a pattern with which to generate the tartan section from the checked shirt. This was then hand stitched into place

Belt and pouches: For a detailed account of the pouches please see the journal. For the belt, I folded over the edges of the leatherette and glued and stitched it in place. It was the first time I've used this technique. I think I prefer stitching two strips of fabric right sides together and then flipping them the right way out. I thought I was saving myself some fiddling, but it wasn't worth it. I also like the technique explained in the 'ankle, neck and boot belts' section below which bypasses the fiddly and still generates belts that are aesthetically pleasing from both sides, though it is messy.

Ankle, neck and boot belts: This involved applying decorator's caulk liberally to the wrong side of a strip of leatherette and then pressing a second strip of leatherette down on top of it and leaving it to dry. It created a flexible bond which has yet to show signs of weakening. As I wanted to make this cosplay cheaply, I constructed my own buckles out of craft foam, card, wire and hot glue. This technique needs refining but it definitely shows potential. I'll post more information when I've figured out the blips, or feel free to ask.

Dog tag: I've recently bought a dog tag at a fancy dress shop. As it's made of metal it won't blow around unrealistically in the wind like my home made one, though I still have to add an anime relevant image to the front of it. My home made tag was made from cardboard, paper, paint and PVA. I used cardboard to make the base shape and the rim, and paper to create of raised design of the five of diamonds dog tag. When painted over and PVA’d the tag, the design stayed visible.

Daggers: The base is made of twisted newspaper bound in duct tape. The handles are DAS air dry clay and the blades are cardboard, which was scored bent and glued.


nyappyPOCKY posted on 30 May, 2011 - 17:24
Yay! Another Togainu no Chi fan! 8D Can not wait to see this! ♡

Nomes posted on 30 May, 2011 - 21:05
Woop! Glad to hear it! I've been doing some research for this today. Figuring out how to match the tartan.

Neverforever posted on 23 June, 2011 - 15:16
This looks amazing so far ^^ cant wait see~ and yes I'm thinking of bringing military Akira to Hyper Japan. A summer photo shoot sounds good, I'd be up for that ^^

xLaviChii posted on 13 July, 2011 - 17:23
when you said another TnC fan i had to come and look, OMG RINN XD you look really epic as him :)

Nomes posted on 13 July, 2011 - 23:05
Aw thanks. I can't wait until the new wig arrives though as the colour of this one dissapointed me. I really want to get TnC group together at some point for epic photos. I've already recruited Midnightwolf.

Chickenbits posted on 17 July, 2011 - 09:50
cute! :3

Neverforever posted on 15 May, 2012 - 09:18
Best Rin <3

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Progress Journal

1st August 2011


Upon review of the photos I have let down the shorts which has the added bonus of making my legs look more boyish. The new wig has also arrived ready for styling. I probably won't be re-using this cosplay until Kitacon (I hope) next year, though I may try ad fit in a shoot before then.

11th July 2011

Dog tag

I went into a fancy dress shop today for spirit gum and they were selling dogtags. I picked one up with a chain. Hopefully this one won't blow around in the wind like my homemade tag.

11th July 2011

New wig

I'm just not happy with the colour of the wig. it was much more orange than it looked in pictures but such is the risk. Wigfever has this wig on sale at the moment though so I have ordered one. The colour looks perfect but we'll see...

4th June 2011

Pouch step 6

Flip the pouch right side out

4th June 2011

Pouch step 5

Fold in half whilst still inside out and and stitch the thin strips together as marked by the pins.

4th June 2011

Pouch step 4

Sew on the thin strips as pictured

4th June 2011

Pouch step 3

Attaching the opening/closing flap to the body of the pouch.

4th June 2011

Pouch step 1

I made pouches for Rikku, but after studying the references these appear to be of a slightly different construction. I cut out the shapes pictured from a grey/beige leatherette. Only 2of the 4 thin strips used per pouch are pictured.

4th June 2011

Pouch step 2