Hanamura Yousuke - Persona 4


AmeCon 2008


I have too much love for the Persona series!!!

Unfortunately I didn't make the costume myself because:

a) I don't get much spare time outside of work
b) I know I'll ended up butchering the costume due to my sucky tailoring + sewing skills

Even though one would normally spend less money by commissioning the costume, I still ended up spending quite a significant amount on this cosplay because of the headphones and the wig.... (and the kunai x2)

Nalerenn posted on 7 September, 2008 - 06:47
Whoa, that is awesome O_O Wish I could've been there to see it in person!

Odd-One-Out posted on 28 April, 2009 - 22:03
I love you *_* I have recently gotten into Megaten and Yosuke is my favourite character from P4 <3

voxune posted on 7 July, 2009 - 22:26
You make a very good and cute Yosuke, good job :D

CGOPbleachbabe posted on 21 November, 2009 - 23:10
Amazing Yosuke cosplay XD

FrankieEstee posted on 22 January, 2010 - 23:28
Amazing Yousuke cosplay *3*~

Solaria posted on 21 October, 2010 - 13:02
You make such an awesome Yosuke ;-; I wish i could have made the P4 shoot ><

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