Alex Power / Zero G - Power Pack


Saturday costume-

Pretty obscure but I love the challenge of the central body block patterning!
The only problem is using wet look white lycra, it was translucent even when not stretched over the body, so required some undergarments so as not to reveal my underparts. In this instance I used the leggings for my Ion costume since it is still a two part costume at the moment.

This costume is a one piece.

The shin guards were fun to make, and they were camping mat material covered in silver lycra that I had cut into wide strips and sewn back together to give the nice segmented look (similar to the sleeve cuffs)

The wrist bands were two open rings of white pvc (of limited stretch) sewn together and stuffed with socks (since I didn't have any plushie stuffing at the time)

The wig was the main problem since I couldn't get a short hair blonde wig in time by some missfortune and no shop seemed to stock it so I had to go for a 60's style US cop wig which wasn't ideal so no pictures till I sort that out.

I do plan on making Jack Power as well which has pretty much the same method of production so I may journalise that.

street-angel posted on 13 June, 2011 - 18:34
Omg I LOVED these guys 8D

Amy-Lou posted on 14 June, 2011 - 11:11
Really great job getting that pattern so clean cut, wonderful and wet-look XD Those booties are amazing, you should wear those to work!