'Anesidora Rattir (Modern Assassin aka 'Out of Animus' Assassin) - Assassin's Creed 2/Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood

In Progress


Due to only recently discovering the world of Cosplay, as well as my liking for it, this costume is a way to ease myself in easily and cheaply. Sadly, I can't afford the typical Ezio costume at present, so rather than doing nothing at all I decided to create a costume for a Modern Assassin, or an 'Out of Animus' Assassin, much like Desmond Miles. By doing this, I could use a couple of items already in my posession and build the rest of the costume from there.

At present, I'm still in the planning stage, but tomorrow, I will start buying the necessary extras I need to complete the outfit. Although a 'modern' character, as the name suggests, the costume will not merely be a case of jeans and a shirt, I will strive to make it more complex than that, as well as taking more of the original Assassin concepts from Ezio's Italian renaissance outfit, just modding them up a little. Sadly, I may fail on the part of the blades (hidden and visible) but with this being my first costume, I suppose it's expected.

The reason for chosing to create the 'Modern Assassin' costume is simple; it's just that, simple. Also, I absolutely adore Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood (I have yet to play the first game yet, but I'm sure I'll love that too). Many of the pieces within this costume will - most likely - later be used for other outfits which may cost slightly more and be ever more complex, such as a Pirates of the Caribbean outfit, a Robin Hood outfit, a Stardust outfit, Merlin outfit, a Fable III outfit and of course, an in Animus Assassin.

It is the first of many, I hope, and fingers crossed will be shown for the first time at the Yorkshire CosplayCon on July 2nd at Doncaster Dome, 2011.

The costume itself is comprised of around 26 different sections to cover, both visible and hidded.

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