Roxie Hart (Sequin Dress) - Chicago



I made this for my friends hen weekend party June 2011 ^_^ Its my own personal version mixed between two dress types. Its very very shiny!

Roxann "Roxie" Hart is a fictional showgirl in various adaptations of the same story. She first appeared in the 1926 play Chicago written by reporter Maurine Dallas Watkins. Watkins was inspired by the real-life unrelated 1924 murder trials of Beulah Annan and Belva Gaertner, which she covered for the Chicago Tribune. Annan was the basis for Roxie. Both women were acquitted...

Raye-chan posted on 7 June, 2011 - 17:40
This was so much fun to wear ^_^ I love the group picture that got taken in the night club.

Wig, going for straight
Making dress from scratch

Total cost: £0.00

1st June 2011


The dress is finished! I also have a new necklace, a shiny bag, shoes and hair clip to wear with the wig :) Ready for this weekend!

26th May 2011

Simple but tricky

The material I am using for the dress is very tricky to sew! I am almost finished with it though, thanks to my mums assistance! Pics to follow in the next few days :)

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