King (XI version) - The King of Fighters


I'm putting this up now because I am going to make this costume no matter what.

If you asked me to design a fighting game character based on myself, I would tell you there was no point, because it would just be King. She is the essence of all I am and all I wish I could be (except that she's blonde... but nobody's perfect).

The question is how to make a tux I can fight in...

EDIT: What's this? A KoF costume competition at October Expo?? Screw Rocket, any excuse to do King :D

Donna posted on 30 September, 2011 - 14:46
I don't know much about this character or her back story but I love the fact that you'll be making a full suit! Its so regal looking I love it!

xCrimsonXero posted on 27 January, 2013 - 12:03
Your King is great =) it's so nice to see people cosplaying from KOF!

Jacket pattern
Shirt, cummerbund & wig (from other King costume)
Cufflinks (borrowed)
Bow tie

Total cost: £0.00

24th October 2011

Guh fabric choices

Ever tried pressing a crease into stretch velour? D: Everything needs a good iron but man, it's hard to iron a fabric that's designed for stretching rather than fitted clothing. However in order to be able to move in it, stretch was necessary. As if ironing velvet/velour wasn't bad enough.

10th October 2011

Nearly done

Pretty much finished off the jacket this weekend. I had the same problem with sizing as I did with the trousers, normally I'm a happy Kwik Sew medium but again the jacket came out rather baggy and I had to take it in several times to get it to fit. It must be something to do with the fabric. I haven't lined the jacket at this point. I have enough fabric to do so, but I have another costume to make so I don't think I can spare the time right now. The facings mean it's already a functional jacket so it's not really that much of an issue, just personal preference. Since I plan to wear this costume again it's something I can do as an improvement. The trousers are also finished. I do not wish to talk about getting the zip save to say that whilst I appreciated getting it for free I was not willing to enter discussions about paying for it with drugs or sexual favours O_o

25th September 2011

The Mysteries of Fabric Types

Last time I made trousers with this pattern using cotton drill I avoided putting in any of darts or pleats because I am a fatty-chan around the waist and don't have much in the way of hip. Remembering this I did the same for these trousers, using the velour, on the basis that I can put them in later. Good thing too because for some reason, despite the cotton trousers still fitting perfectly, I now need ALL THE DARTS AND PLEATS to make sure they don't fall off me. I am confuse ;_______; admittedly the fabric has some stretch (deliberately chosen as this is a fighting costume and I don't want anything restrictive)and I've lost a bit of ass but not THAT much. Still need to buy the fly zip so I can't finish the trousers quite yet. I'm in two minds about lining the jacket. The pattern doesn't call for it - it has facings instead, so I'd need to work out a lining pattern myself. But I do think it would be appropriate and probably also more comfortable to do so. Since King's jacket is always worn open (and indeed, doesn't even have front fasteners) the movement restriction is less of an issue than with the trousers (plus she's a Muay Thai artist so it's mainly about legs anyway :P). I think I probably will - just need to make sure I have sufficient of the satin contrast fabric...

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