Solid Snake (In a Box?!?!?!) (In a Box!) - Metal Gear Solid series





Shouldn't cost anything. All I need is a box, got the rest. Might draw the box design if I get a chance. Just doing this for lulz.


ryaoki posted on 16 August, 2008 - 13:07
ROFLMAO genious, i did this at school once

Skypirate posted on 16 August, 2008 - 14:41
lol yeah it's soo easy and will be funny if my mate does a guard. i remember doing it aaaages ago awsell. i think its the easiest cosplay ever!!

Kylmar posted on 23 April, 2009 - 23:30
You should have been the pile of boxes I found at a con when I was cosplaying Snake. Snake would have fallen to his knees and cried tears of joy. XD