Midori (Red Haired Extra Costume Version) - Guitar Hero III


AmeCon 2008




Ok so I was almost desperate to go as Midori from guitar hero. When I wasn't finding a purple wig anywhere! I decided to do another version of her from the game, that plus I figured if anyone did Midori they'd do the normal version.
I brought a lot of stuff for this, customized a lot of stuff and also got family and friends in to help on the making.
My boyfriend made my guitar... in a day! Kudos to him ^-^
My Dad's partner made my skirt ^_^

Wore it to Amecon 08 =D


Anime_Angel posted on 25 August, 2008 - 21:48
Very Nice cosplay you have there, I wish I was in Amecon to see it. Nice wig aswell^_^

RanmaSyaoran posted on 28 April, 2009 - 09:28
Heehee~ I rememeber this bright thing XD