Arthur Kirkland (Punk) - Hetalia (Character CDs Cover)




An outfit England is shown wearing on an official character CD cover.

I suck and I don't count how long it takes for me to get cosplay together, I mostly lurk in charity shops in hope I'll find something good.
- The wig took an hour to style.
- It took me 3 days to paint on the glue on the white top I used, and it took 1 day to dry.


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Progress Journal

14th June 2011

MCM May 2011

This was an evening cosplay I did at MCM London Expo 2011.

I allowed my friends the opportunity to vote on which cosplays they'd like to see me to in the evenings/afternoons of May expo and the majority voted this one.

May 2011:
- The wig used on this occasion was exchanged with my friend, Uzi. She purchased me a new England wig in exchange for my Finland one that I didn't have a use for anymore.
- The Keffiyeh I used was red, not a reddy-orange colour like it is here, and it also had tassels. I will try to get a more accurate checkered neck scarf next time.
- I luckily found a pleather jacket in a local charity shop for a cheap price, it's not lined in red though. :( I might change that if I'm confident enough and can be bothered.
- The green top didn't come out as expected, I kind of don't like it. XD Oh well, I did try~
- I used some black jeans I purchased from Primark for his trousers. :)
- I purchased some red patent boots for the shoes here. I didn't buy accurate ones as accurate ones were 3x the price... but I did get red shoes. XD Mine had 3" heels~

And that's about it. :) I don't plan on cosplaying this again anytime soon.

20th May 2011

Top being dyed~

Top being dyed. = w = I followed a tutorial I found online... I can't soak it in the dye, the usual method, due to the design I 'painted' on the front.

It appears to be working, it's at least a paler green to the rest... the dye didn't seem to like it.

I just hope the rest of the top comes out a good colour. It doesn't show in the picture, but it's laying in a pool of dye that sort of swelled up when I was spritzing it. XD ;;

18th May 2011

Top Design

Top design drawn on paper for reference.

18th May 2011

Design for the top.

I've drawn the design for the top to paint on with glue~

16th May 2011


Boots arrived. :) Yaaay~

9th May 2011

MCM May 2011

I just purchased the jacket and took some shots of what I currently have of the cosplay.

Wig, jacket, keffiyeh and jeans.