Gaara of the Desert (Chuunin) - Naruto




Gaara's Chuunin outfit, as seen later on in the Naruto anime. (Episodes 126, 216, etc.)

I can't remember how long it took me to make this, these are estimates.
- I think it took me 5 days to make the 3/4 lengths. (My first proper sewing project with a pattern)
- It took me about 4 days to make the jacket, there was also a small setback that caused it to take an additional day.
- Repairing the sashes I used for Genin Gaara took under an hour.
- Re-did the cuffs of the 3/4 lengths, this probably took under an hour.
- Styled the wig. Had to wash the old shit out and re-style it, took overnight to dry and about 10 minutes of styling.

I cosplay this variant of Gaara with DaeriBros (

Naruto Pre-Timeskip Photo Shoot in London! March 2011
London MCM Expo May 2011
London MCM Expo May 2012


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Progress Journal

29th January 2012


I replaced my plan to cosplay Dino on Friday this upcoming MCM, and instead I'm bringing Gaara out again.

- I sold my previous Gaara wig, and purchased an exact replacement. This new wig needs restyling.
- I need to add pockets to the 3/4 lengths.
- I need to purchase more sand and glue and re-cover my gourd, and make it generally look a lot nicer.
- This is optional, as I do have a backup, but I would like to remake my brown sash out of pleather.

27th May 2011

London MCM Expo May 2011

Cosplayed this on Friday at London MCM Expo May 2011 for DaeriBros (

- Wig was purchased off Ebay and trimmed/styled by me.
- Makeup was all purchased from local stores, mostly Wilkinson, Primark and Poundland (lol, ikr? 8D)
- I freehanded my "AI" symbol.
- Jacket and 3/4 length pattern was purchased from Kingston's Fabric Land, the fabric was purchased at Watford's market. I altered the 3/4 length pattern and the jacket pattern slightly when working with it.
- Used the sashes from my Genin cosplay for this, I used altered scarves for that and a headband ordered off Ebay. The scarves were purchased in Hounslow.
- Tights were bought at Claire's, as were the arm warmers.
- I didn't wear "ninja sandals", I wore some black shoes I bought from ASDA for a casual/fan art Finland cosplay I did over Christmas 2010.

I think it's been decided between myself and Chii (Naruto of DaeriBros) that we probably won't do proper Naruto cosplay anymore... I dunno, I think she'll be doing Shippuuden but I think I'm seriously don't with Gaara. XD I only cosplay him for derps these days... I have a Naruto CMV planned with Chii, and I'm doing a derpy lip sync thing for someone on Facebook (the latter's a large open group project).
Chii also wants to do a "casual Naruto" photo shoot someday. I was going to check out Gaara fanarts and see if there's anything I like~

26th May 2011

Another makeup test.


26th May 2011

Sashes Fixed Up~

Haha, I look so cool. ♥

After getting frustrated with these things for about 20 minutes straight, I organised them and stitched them up like this. I don't care if it looks stupidly done, they're staying this way. XD

26th May 2011

Uneven stitching...

This is why I'd like to redo the second cuff!

25th May 2011

Makeup Test #3

Timed myself, this took me over 45 minutes to completely do. I've decided to give myself an hour tomorrow morning.

Instructions for my eyebrows are included in a previous journal.
For my skin, I used liquid foundation, pressed powder, mousse foundation and coverstick.
I used coverstick on my lips as well.
I used eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner on my eyes.
I used a permanent marker for my 'love' symbol.

25th May 2011

Nicer Cuff - About to be redone.

This is a shot of the cuff that used to be neater, it's still getting redone however.

25th May 2011

Cuff Redone

Horrible cuff redone~

It's so much better now, it goes on my leg really smoothly and it fits all snug on my shin.

22nd May 2011

Finished Cosplay Outfit

Looks a bit awkward to wear, but it's a lot comfortable than it looks!

21st May 2011

Jacket Finished!

Finally finished!

18th May 2011

Wig Restyled~

Washed and restyled my Gaara wig. x3 Tried to make the spikes not as hard this time.

15th May 2011


My stash of buttons!

14th May 2011

Popper & Clasp Choices

Couldn't decide which to go for.

14th May 2011

Jacket Progress #3

Jacket's all stitched up and done, just need poppers and buttons added.

10th May 2011

Makeup Test #2 (And a step-by-step walkthrough on how I did it~)

Another make-up test for Gaara... actually, despite it being obvious that I've covered up my eyebrows, I think I did a really decent job (on this brow, I'm never good at doing makeup on the right side of my body. ;n;), and I wouldn't mind going out in public like this... I also hope my Gaara wig sort of hides how obvious the coverup is?

The method I used for my brows:
1. I used a makeup cover stick and brushed it gently over my brows, pointing my strokes downwards.
2. I then got out my Pritt stick and brushed that over the brows, pointing downwards and making sure to coat all my brow hairs with glue. After this, I begin brushing the glue stick in the direction my hairs grow in, making sure to cover the entire brow and press it against my head.
3. Whilst the glue is still wet; I got a sponge and powder foundation and dabbed it gently over the wet glue, making sure to cover the entire area with powder and conceal my brows a bit.
4. Once the glue's dried, I used the end of a spoon (ideally, you should use a spatula but I'm cheap. XD) to scrape off a bit of the tip of the glue stick and smeared it carefully over my brow, then smoothed it all over my brow with the end of the glue stick. Avoid touching it with your fingers - I've made the mistake of doing that. :/
5. Again - in with the powder foundation whilst the glue's wet, with a sponge.
6. I then repeated step 5, as my brows are dark and one layer didn't quite cut it. You should be more careful with smearing the glue on if you need to repeat the step too.
7. Again, powder foundation.
8. Once dried, I used mousse foundation and gently dabbed it over my brows (again, with a sponge) and gentle smoothed it out with my finger, trying to hide any dark hairs still showing through.
9. After all this, I went with a tone of foundation the exact shade of my skin (perhaps a little darker) and completely covered the entire area with it. When dried, it should look blended in quite well. :3

My eye makeup~
I used black eyeshadow, black pencil eyeliner and black liquid eyeliner.
1. I apply the eyeshadow first. I wet my eyeshadow only sightly to darken the colour.
2. I only apply pencil eyeliner in the inner part of my eye, covering up and bit of pale skin that shows through.
3. I use liquid eyeliner to draw the rest of it on, as it's hard to smudge or rub off (unless you touch it directly), so the makeup stays sharp for long periods of time~

The 'ai' symbol on my forehead was drawn on with permanent marker bought from Wilkinson... it usually works really well, only I think this one's running out of ink or drying out, so my symbol's very pathetic in this photo. ;n;

Hope this helps anyone~ I'm not perfect at makeup, but anything that I've discovered that helps me... XD ;;
For the original eyebrow covering tutorial that I used to help me develop my method, please ask Cameraxel as I don't have the link anymore. >.< ;;

5th May 2011

Jacket Progress #2


5th May 2011

Hurdle: Out of Thread!

I had to go out and get more before I could continue!

5th May 2011

Jacket Progress #1


30th April 2011

Makeup Test #4


30th April 2011

Makeup Test #3


30th April 2011

Makeup Test #2


30th April 2011

Makeup Test #1


5th March 2011

Naruto Pre-Timeskip Photo Shoot in London

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get my Gaara cosplay finished on time. I put something quick together to attend the photo shoot so I didn't completely let Chii down (I wore the entire lower half of my Chunin cosplay, I had all of that, just needed the jacket. XD). I had a lot of fun, despite feeling put out I didn't finish it in time, and I really enjoyed being the photographer. :3

I'm taking this as a lesson for the future. XD Don't procrastinate!

4th March 2011

3/4 Lengths

Finished 3/4 Lengths! This was my first sewing project and it was quite confusing for me to work around it! But I managed it in the end. &gt;w&lt; ;; The cuffs are a bit dodgy, I&#039;ll just re-do them for MCM.