Norway (Fem!Norway/ Genderbent Version) - Axis Powers Hetalia




Norway, Norway, you rather stoic, sadistic character you. With all those expressionless or frowning faces this character pulls, it seemed to be a perfect choice to cosplay for me, particularly as, in regards to the female version/genderbend of the character, I most certainly don't even need a wig!

I lie just a tad; this is almost complete, and yet as I only have a ribbon to finish off on the hat, I thought I may as well just say it's done. xD I bought a school jumper from Marks and Spenser which I edited, making the sleeves with those little gold buttons, and sailor collar with velvet-stuff and a black ribbon, to make the overall top for Norway. The hat and skirt are made of the same velvet-y material, the second of which took a fair amount of time to pleat. I used a blue ribbon from an old belt for the one on the top, and a regular black and white one for the hat.

Being able to use my own hair for this cosplay is most definitely a plus, as it's so much easier to control, even if it isn't anywhere near as pretty as a wig may have been. Overall, I'm almost tempted to wear this cosplay as an every day thing, seeing as it's so understated and 'normal' looking xD.


Ros3ify posted on 22 May, 2011 - 09:44
Hey I absolutely love your gender bender version of hetalia looks fantastic and it really suits your expressions :)

Ivalicia posted on 4 June, 2011 - 03:17
Thank you so much for the lovely comment ;w;