Greece (Neko Maid Greece) - Hetalia




Me and some friends are cosplaying hetalia ((me as Greece, my hubby Arielle as Japan, my friend Ola being Prussia and my friend Hannah being fem!Russia)) We are going to try to do this for a fundraise for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that happened tis year 2011. 12,000 people went missing and were estimated to be dead. We are going to dress up in clothes of red and white (or mostly red and white) to try and help, we would like to recieve donations from people who are attending the expo in October. I am being a Neko Maid Greece and my hubby will be a Nurse Japan. Ola would be the sexy Police Prussia and Hannah will be Female General Badass Russia X3 <3 If you are going to the MCN London Expo in October, will you please donate a small ammount of money as even though Japan is a MEDC, It will take 5 years for the whole of Japan effected to be reconstructed! Please help! <3 x AngelShan


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