Elizabeth Middleford (Her red party dress, my favourite x) - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

In Progress

London MCM Expo May 2011

yes, I won a store bought competition at BAM Bristol anime and manga, its a small expo but I am happy I won ^^




Elizabeth is Ciel's fiancee. She is a happy, bubbly and energetic girl who is in love with the colour pink. She has an obsession (like I do) of making people look cute. She loves cute clothes, toys etc. I wanted to be her cause I loved her red dress and my hubby (Arielle who I call my hubby when she is actually my cosplay snd lolita best buddy) on facebook is my Ciel. I bought the dress online on a really good website and the dress was tailor made and perfect! It looked exactly like her dress in the picture unlike the really tacky outfits you get. It cost me around £109 plus shipping which came to a total of £120. Right now I need to fix my platform shoes ((the only negative about the dress is I am too short for it xD)) and I need to continue making my headband. I have made the actual headband but I need to ontinue it to make it look pretty and cute :3 . But for the contacts I bought Hanabi green contacts with a diameter of 16.2mm! They are really good quality and make my eyes look cute, even without make-up! So by the end of this week, my cosplay will be complete. x AngelShan


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