Seras Victoria - Hellsing (OVA)




This is my second cosplay that I ever wore. o 3o It is Seras Victoria from the Hellsing OVA. I was cosplaying with a group and instead of opting to buy the outfit I decided that I would in part make it myself.

Wig: Bought xD
Contacts: Bought!
Shirt: Bought white, dyed yellow.
Badges: Made & sewn myself.
Red sleeve: Made & sewn myself.
Skirt: Bought and dyed myself.
Socks: Bought (Held up with hairbands LMAO)
Shoes: Bought

Hardest parts?
I bought a skirt that was better but it was partly nylon and therefore didn't dye properly, so I had to buy another one and a second dye. Then the shirt and skirt didn't match because the shirt was too dark (almost orange) so I had to put it in the wash with bleach a few times to drain some of the colour. (Thank goodness it came out alright!)

I also found trying to wear the red contact lenses hard, since it was the first time I'd ever worn any. xD That took about a month to learn and be used to.


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