Grell Sutcliffe (Formal) - Kuroshitsuji

In Progress


For the formal dance at Kitacon 3 but due to unfortunate events it never happened.. But I plan on wearing this out soon, so I'm uploading it to my Cosplay Island for people to see n_n

Though it's complete, I'm putting this "In Progress" till I have any decent photographs of the full outfit..

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26th May 2011


Another horribly inaccurate coloured picture of my progress in something with this costume n_n;; Just adding lace onto a plain red satin corset so it will match my skirt.. Is a much more lovely deep red rather than the kinda washed out red in the photo.
I should get some nice photos of this costume this weekend~ I'm planning on wearing it to the Expo party.. :3

31st March 2011

Masks completed

I'm so happy with how they turned out n_n Just got to take some better photos in better lighting xD; They look kinda cheap with flash on..

30th March 2011

Grell Mask

Lace added completely, basics of detailing started~ Looking pretty good n__n

30th March 2011

Sebastian Mask

Details on the side added, nearly complete I think..?
But I think it still lacks something.. I might add some patterned lace onto the front, it looks too bare..

29th March 2011

Sebastian Mask

This was a completely blank plastic mask. I added the patterned back, the lace on top and all the detailing from things I found at a crafts store. Again this is just progress, I have a lot more planned..

25th March 2011

Grell Mask

Testing things out, this is just the basic base of the mask I am making with a Lolita hairclip I'm planning on taking apart to use for the details..
I am going to remove the gold from around the mask too..