Talon Company Merc (Male) - Fallout 3

In Progress


This will be my second attempt at making body armour myself. considering how Leon turned out, I'm not too worried since I've found some nifty tutorials!

I love the Talon Mercs - they are adorable!

How can you not love somebody who marches up to you and says:
"We're going to kill you for being a good guy!"
-just to get the point across that they in fact are evil!

Cosplay Group:

CandyStriped - Vault 101 Dweller
Her kid brother - Butch DeLoria

Candystriped posted on 2 August, 2011 - 00:17
You'll look awesome once this is done!

24th August 2013

First foray into worlba

Well I have seen some amazing work done with worbla and after looking up some tutorials thought to give it a shot. I am so very glad I did. Working out the patterns first on paper, then transferred to craft foam. The foam was then sandwiched between worbla. It also served to give the armour some strength and a little bulk. The heat gun has never seen this much use, electricity bill is going to be hilarious this month.

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