Chii - Clamp in 3D Land


I kept on looking at these clamp in 3d land outfits and found them too cute to resist. I finally decided on chii as I've been looking for an excuse for ages to recosplay her so with such short notice means I don't need to worry bout wigs or contact lenses not arriving in time.

rosieroo posted on 17 May, 2011 - 07:33
Awww chii love this cosplay so much -hugs

blackorcid posted on 17 May, 2011 - 13:56
Looking forward to seeing this =D

Lady Bahamut posted on 17 May, 2011 - 19:00
Very much looking forward to seeing this :D Good luck!!

Pandora-Chi posted on 30 May, 2011 - 15:14
Heya! so so happy I managed to catch you at expo as Chii - you looked soo soo adorable! ^^ it was lovely to meet and talk to you - hope to c you at another con x

Hannah-Kiwii posted on 1 June, 2011 - 10:26
Thank-you for the comment on my Misaki costume! I don't think I spoke to you on Sunday, I'm so sorry! ^^;;; You make a beautiful Chi, and I'm impressed you made the costume so well in such a short time frame!

KiraraYumi posted on 2 June, 2011 - 16:32
You were such an amazing Chii, sorry I didn't tell you onthe day! D= Your dress was so gorgeous~ x3

RevolverKitty posted on 5 June, 2011 - 23:31
You look lovely :)

angelic-cat15 posted on 6 June, 2011 - 15:59
hiya Vicoria loved your chii cosplay it was awesome. was lovely 2 of meet you at clamp group at expo ;)

JustPeachy posted on 22 June, 2011 - 11:05
This looks beautiful! Love this version :D

BabemRoze posted on 26 June, 2011 - 14:00
You look absolutley stunning! <3

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