Souji Seta (Whichever version I get done first XD) - Persona 4 (PS2)




Persona 4 is my favourate of the Persona games I've seen -though that was only 3 and 4. I find the concept of having to shoot yourself in the head a little unnerving, but overall I like the story of Persona 4 better. As for the main character... I'm starting to get a little stuck between Souji and Minato.

Anyways, Souji is your typical high-school student. His parents have jobs that make them very busy, and results in Souji often being left alone or having to move somewhere for a short time. Because of this, Souji is quite quiet and doesn't make too many bonds.

He ends up going to Inaba, where his uncle and cousin live, to spend the year there at school. Upon getting there, he runs across a seemingly innocent someone that starts a chain of events that changes Souji's life. Not long after he gets to Inaba, a murder happens, and then he hears rumours about a 'Midnight Channel'. If you look into a turned-off tv on a rainy night at midnight, your soul mate is said to appear. He tries it, only to find out that he can actually enter the tv! Later on he finds out that there is a world inside the tv that makes people face their 'hidden thoughts' - these are shown as Shadows. If the person does not admit their feelings, their Shadow goes berserk and will try to kill them.

This happens to the first murder victim, and a second, before Souji and his new friends make the connection - anyone shown on the midnight channel will become the next victim. They set off to save the people shown and figure out the mystery behind the two murders. Souji also finds out that he can summon a Persona when they are first attacked by Shadows, and the people they save also gain the ability. Like Minato, Souji is the only one in the group that can have more than one Persona.

I'm in the same boat with Souji as I am with Minato - I have trousers, shoes and a shirt that match. Again, I may modify a jacket to match Souji's, and I might get a grey wig, as my Allen Walker wig might be a tad too white ^^ I'll see how it goes first XD

I'm not sure who I'll get done first - it depends on what I'm motivated to do and when XD Stay tuned ^^


- posted on 16 May, 2011 - 13:50
Gotta lover persona. Looking forward to seeing this

dragora posted on 16 May, 2011 - 15:52
looking forward to it... but you picked the most straight faced person EVER XD