Minato Arisato - Persona 3




Okay, after watching friends playing Persona 3 almost every day, it got kinda buried into my mind. I prefer Persona 4 main character Souji Seta, but this guy has kinda grown on me ^^

Minato Arisato. Lost his parents in a 'mysterious' accident when he was a kid, and ten years later ends up going back to the place to finish school. However, he soon discovers 'The Dark Hour' - a hidden hour between one day and the next, a realm that is filled by Shadows. While most people turn into coffins and are not conscious during the Dark Hour, Minato and several others are aware and fight the Shadows that threaten the world.

It turns out later that Minato had Death sealed inside him at the same time that he lost his parents. He has the ability to summon multiple Persona and even fuse them, while the rest can only summon one.

At the 'end' of the story, Minato used his life force to defeat Nyx, a creature that was about to bring the end of the world. After managing to stay alive for another month in order to keep his promise to his friend, he fell asleep and never woke up. It was left unanswered why he died.

It was later revealed that he became a seal, not to seal away Nyx as everyone first thought, but to keep Erebus - a creature born from mankind's wish to die - from reaching her. This is shown as a statue resembling Minato crucified and chained to the door between the two creatures, forever stopping them from meeting. Erebus is shown once trying to pry Minato off of the doors, but failing. His friends, upon realising tha sacrifice he made, promised to help lessen the burden by living their lives to the fullest. It is also often hinted that there is a connection between Minato and a mysterious blue butterfly that appears every now and then.

It's rumoured that Minato is going to return on Persona 5, but it hasn't been confirmed. Let's cross our fingers, huh? XD

Anyways, I'm already well into getting the cosplay together, despite only a few days ago deciding to cosplay him. I have trousers, shoes and a shirt that matches. I'm gonna try to modify one of my old school jackets, since it looks quite similar to the one Minato wears. All I need to do is get a wig ^^ According to a friend, my Sonic wig will do, but I'm leaning more toward getting a darker one to match Minato's hair colour.

I've also found a tutorial that shows how to make the evoker (the gun-like weapon that allows Minato to summon his Persona) out of craft foam. That'll be fun to try ^^


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