Stocking (...Of The Dead) - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt





Worn for a Cosplay Clubnight!

Done with Felixize as Panty for the second JAC-Dan Cosplay Clubnight :'D cause getting painted green and strutting around in PVC is the only way to present a clubnight, obviously!

As Felixize documents, our hats are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. Either the State of California are geniuses, or they're just such repulsive hats nobody would ever sex you up wearing one.

Obnoxious amounts of PVC and green body paint made these outfits AWESOME.


TheEmoEmu posted on 15 May, 2011 - 19:14
Looks awesome! ^^

Rain posted on 16 May, 2011 - 22:16
Wow awesome, I really like the make-up! You have helped me out in a way because Im planning on cosplaying this zombie version too ^_^

magicalpantsu posted on 18 May, 2011 - 00:47
You both look great! :D

JustPeachy posted on 22 June, 2011 - 10:05
This is excellant! Very nice work you look awesome :D

Clover-tan posted on 3 October, 2011 - 15:37
So cool! XD