Kenji Koiso - Summer Wars





Changing this from Arren (Tales from Earthsea) to Keiji (Summer Wars) because I think I enjoyed the movie a little more >W< The animation is lovely and I adoooore the soundtrack 8DD

Plus this will be super simple >W<♥♥♥


Ahahaa this didn't even have an in-progress pffttt;;

Beige trousers from ebaaaajjjj (though I may need to get another pair in a bigger size cause of my thiiiighs orz;;; )~

T-Shirt also off ebajj though this took a bit moar work as there is a lack of green/white polo shirts in my size in this world >:C I nearly got one then missed the bid and as;fldsh; but then I won the one I have now so all is well B)

Good fluffy brown wig is the best wig♥♥♥♥♥♥
(I'm seriously starting to choose characters based on the fact that I could use this wig because OHMYGOSH I am in looove xD)

Can't wait for a shoot with my Natsuki and Kazumaaa B)♥♥

GO MATHS-NERDS GOOOOO (disclaimer - I'm not one but I seem to cosplay quite a few of them orz;; LIVING THE DREAM VIA COSPLAY;;; )


Solaria posted on 11 September, 2011 - 09:58
Oooo i loved this film you make such a cute Kenjiiii <3 Id love to do Natsuki one day xD