Tron Legacy

Cosplayer: malicemana

Variant: The robes Clu was wearing at Disc Wars

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Ayacon 2011

27th June 2011: Helmet The helmet I purchased didnt work out....Im constructing one from scratch.

21st June 2011: El Wire Right, arms and front been done....Just waiting for my replacement El wire for the back. Didn't expect El Wire on the arms makes the sleeves so stiff, also the split power leads tend to dig into your back so might put them in a soft packet to avoid scratches on my back. Gluing the El wire with hot glue sticks is abit of a pain, it tends to drip everywhere and make the work look untidy....I'm going to scrape some spills, globs up etc...

I tested El wire in a dark room and was surprised how it turned out....It gives a nice glowing effect.

Waiting for my helmet to come in which I'm going to alter. I might attach El wire to it as well depending how I'm going to gain access to the inner shell under all the padding....

16th June 2011: Robe Right, I think I finished the robes, used up 10 metres of yellow reflective tape. Now figuring how to wire the el wire around the tape.

I wired up the identity disc, surprised how nicely it turned out. I didnt expect the disc to pull the back of the robes, so figuring out at the moment how to counter balance the weight.

At the moment I going to attach reflective tape to black gloves, also considering getting a helmet to finish off the whole thing.

im going to attach more battery pack under the disc for the rest of the wire.

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 15th June 2011
The progress is looking awesome. Can't wait to see it finished.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 15th June 2011
Woooah this is looking cool :D

Nachtangel avatar

Nachtangel - 30th June 2011
This looks amazing, especially the lights, can't wait to see this at Aya!