Dana (Waitress) - Shadow Of Memories


Ayacon 2011




Despite my cosplay plans constantly going wrong this year I'm still determined to have a new cosplay ready for either May Expo or AyaCon. This is one which I decided I wanted to do quite some time ago, but wasn't planning to do anytime soon.

Oh, and this one will be a female cosplay...
* watches Ichigo-chan and Spirit of the Stage die of shock * =P

Now planned for the Friday of AyaCon 2011.

Now that Aya have released their events schedule I've decided to nudge this cosplay over to the Saturday instead of Friday and it's very appropriate for the Time-Traveller's Dance on Sunday night as well ^_^

Okay, so my secret cosplay was Dana from Shadow of Memories =D I tweaked my plans again and wore this for the Sunday only. Dana is a waitress who works in a cafe in Lebensbaum. At the beginning of the game she runs to catch up with main character Eike after she finds a lost red stone and a lighter left behind at his table. It turns out that the lighter is his but what is later revealed to be the philosopher’s stone isn’t. After speaking with Dana Eike goes to leave via time-travel but ends up accidentally transporting Dana along with him and losing her in the past. Later on in the present day he sees some apparent evidence that Dana is still living her life in the past somewhere as an old painting appears in the local museum which features a model of her likeness who is holding a red stone...

This was the first time in several years that I’ve worn a skirt and even then that was for my second ever cosplay ( I much prefer comfy jeans to skirts and dresses XD ). It turned out not to be as uncomfortable as I expected, though. It was also the first time that I’ve ever worn false eyelashes which I was a little wary of since my natural instinct is to never put any type of glue anywhere near my eyes ( obviously I’m talking about the actual eyelash glue which was supplied with them, so using it was fine and turned out to be very easy to remove, too ). The clip-on ponytail was originally a long one. When cutting it to the desired length I found that it ended up nice and chunky at the bottom with a nice bit of volume which was how I wanted it. I did manage to find a close enough waistcoat in the end which I decided to order instead of relying on my fail attempts at trying to hand-sew one and I was never going to find exact matching boots so I just did the best that I could – finding plain/pattern-free boots is actually kinda hard. Luckily the waistcoat arrived the day before AyaCon – just in time! I couldn’t find a plain white apron but my friend Ichigo-chan helped me get it sorted at the Cosplay HQ at the actual convention since they had a sewing machine available for people to use and I had the white material. She is also supposed to have two pockets on the front of her apron, but I wasn’t as fussed about them since someone was waiting to use the machine after us, Ichigo also needed to be somewhere and said pockets are actually quite hard to notice in the footage of Dana in the first place.

I bought some red stones ( 2 halves which had to be super-glued together ) and a plastic food tray as props. The stone was a little bit smaller than I wanted and not quite the correct shape, but it was the best I could find. The tray was from a pound shop which was really a good deal. I’m just disappointed that I managed to leave the tray behind somewhere just before the closing ceremony on the Sunday >_< I’m guessing that I might have forgotten it after putting it down to ask cosplayers for pictures at the circular steps ( it was only £1 but there was only one more of that colour left in the shop when I bought it and part of me wonders if I left anything else important of mine sitting on it, though I think I probably didn’t since I kept carrying my things in my con-bag which I still have ).

Only one person asked me for a photo ( thankyou!!! =D ) but I did manage to get a quick photoshoot done with Ichigo-chan at the Rootes Restaurant and got some shots that I’m happy with. Despite not being recognised ( which I didn’t expect to be really ) it was fun cosplaying as Dana and I loved the wig and outfit so I will definitely be wearing her again ^_^

UPDATE: (15/08/12)
Well I've now worn this to AmeCon 2012 which meant that I was able to do a photoshoot with it at the same location I had previously used for my Juggler Eike cosplay. I'm a lot happier that this has given me a better range of photos now seeing as the locations which are well-suited to her character are pretty limited. Thanks to Mysterious Fayth for helping me get the shots at Lindsey Court and to Quinzel and Frederica_la_Noir for helping me get a few pics at Keele Hall ^_^


KiraraYumi posted on 23 August, 2011 - 20:11
Dana!! 8DD Grah, so happy to see this! x3 You really suit her^^

Tsuchinoko posted on 23 August, 2011 - 21:01
Thankyou! =3 I wasn't sure how well I'd suit her so I'm happy you like it ^_^

Ichigo-Chan posted on 27 August, 2011 - 12:15
This cosplay looks good on you and glad I was able to help you with photos and the apron.

Tsuchinoko posted on 27 August, 2011 - 21:30
Thankies, and yes thanks for the help!

Pandora-Chi posted on 21 March, 2012 - 12:30
Thank you for your comment on Mai - It was really lovely seeing you again!! You looked fantastic! Will upload photos soon x

Tsuchinoko posted on 21 March, 2012 - 23:20
You're welcome! And thanks, love your pics =)

Progress Journal

22nd July 2011

Started Making Waistcoat

Well I bought some suitable material when I last visited Brummy, so since I couldn't find a matching waistcoat in any stores (despite it being a simple design) I'm actually attempting to make this myself. Since I'm not very experienced in textiles don't expect it to be uber amazing ^_^" but at least it looks the right kind of shape so far. I used my white shirt from my Vampire Knight cosplay as a guide for the general size and shapes of what I needed to cut out so hopefully it should work out somewhat okay... I hope...

(I don't remember when I exactly started on this - I think it was about a week or so ago now)

24th May 2011

Wig Arrived

The wig arrived today and it's the perfect colour ^_^
It will be the first one I'll wear that includes a clip-on ponytail.

Part of me wants to see if I can make the top and buy the other parts of the outfit in time for May Expo now, but I think I should wait until after the Expo and take my time with it (plus I'm not sure how easy it would be to find the boots I need in time).

11th May 2011

Sourced and Ordered Wig

It wasn't too hard to find a suitable wig.
I'll need to trim it when it arrives.