Shino - .Hack//G.U




White Wig
Purple top with black cape
Hat with red pattern on top and red bits at the side
Black shorts with black tights
Black shoes

Staff made out of wood.
Cut out piece at the top at school in the wood tech room
Got help attaching both the wooden pole and the bit at the top together from a friend of the family
I used a polystyrene ball that I painted blue for the middle bit and I attached it to the top and bottom of the cresant with some clear wire

I chose to make this cosplay as I like the character.
The hardest part was the staff as I had to find someone who could help me put it together.
The easiest part was finding the wig as I got it from Claires Acsessories.
I learn't how to improve my prop making techniques.
The costume was quite comfortable to wear although because I wore it during October I was a bit cold.


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