Pierrot Bolnez
Yakitate!! Japan

Cosplayer: Mocara

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

One of the Auchi cosplay group awards.

7th September 2008: Beginings! Bought the green base leotard on ebay today for a fiver. Once it arrives I will have to source some red fabric of a similar consistency and colour variation (ie if its a darker green than on the preview pic, I will have to find a darker red than is strictly accurate to keep the whole thing from looking garish......lol, garish, its going to be garish whatever I do XD)

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Anonymous - 12th August 2008
Wow, yes! DO IT DO IT DO IT!
I will bake you bread. :)

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1000014 - 12th August 2008
excellent :D

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Suno-chan - 12th August 2008


Also, hiiii! Finally found you! XD *friends*

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Exelia - 12th August 2008
Epic epic epic

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Anonymous - 19th November 2008
saw you about the con; loved it ^^

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Anonymous - 20th November 2008
I loved this costume, so clashy and colourful. I've got at least one pic of it Jess, which I'll have online somewhere soon.

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Anonymous - 20th November 2008
That's ssoooo epic, great job =D

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nert - 29th December 2008
For this, you are my hero <3

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Anonymous - 10th January 2009