Celestine (Movie) - Oh My Goddess


AmeCon 2008

1st Place Hobgoblin Cosplay Night




I love this costume so much. Worn by my lovely Jack after we suddenly decided to do him on the weekend before Ame. It was pretty mental making it all. I started on the Sunday doing the shirt and pants then spent the rest of the time doing the coat, cape and sash. I finished it as 4am Thursday morning. The most time consuming thing was most definitely just waiting for all the glue to dry so I could do the next part. All the dark blue trim was glued on with fabric glue then hemmed in with the outer and lining.
Hardest part was probably hemming the whole thing after the glue had dried, my machine struggled a little on that but managed thankfully. Easiest part was probably coming up with a pattern for it all.
Sadly like with Belldandy this is now covered in ink which will hopefully come out so we can take it to Oct expo.

After repeatedly smothering it in stain remover I'm pleased to say the stains are pretty much gone and will be worn at Oct Expo.


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