Allen Walker (First Exorcist Uniform) - D. Gray-man




I had wanted to debut this one at May Expo, but because of money troubles I can't go, so October it is ^^

Allen Walker... what can I say about him? Shunned by many because of a 'deformed' left arm, and then cursed later, and then to top it off is forced to pay the debts of a drunk womaniser. What a life! And despite all that, he still smiles and acts like a gentleman XD

At first I didn't watch D.Gray-Man (At one convention I was even throwing a random Timcampy plushie without even knowing what it was XD) But when a friend came round to visit and brought the dvd series, I didn't think much of it. So while I was on my laptop, the series began playing. Before I knew it, the first episode was over and I was asking if we could watch the next one. And the next....

I don't often get so addicted to an anime, but this is definately one for my books ^^

I have worn the cosplay, though the Exorcist coat isn't comeplete yet (still gotta find a way to make the crest) I had a lot of fun with it, especially pretending to eat a trayload of food at Mcdonalds XD We did have photos, but most were accidently deleted ><


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