NiGHTS - NiGHTS Journey of Dreams





Have you ever thought about flying?

I have XD And that's one of the reasons why I wanna cosplay NiGHTS! She's an aerial acrobat that loves nothing more than to fly in the open skies and play with the Nightopians of Nightopia! Too bad Wizeman and Reala are around to ruin the fun, huh?

Anyways, I've been a fan of NiGHTS since it's first (and at the time only) game on the Sega Saturn. I wasn't too interested in the Wii version when it came out, but I've been playing it recently and I love it! It brought back wonderful memories and helped me decide to cosplay her ^^

There's been some debate wether NiGHTS is male, female or neither. I vote female, 'cuz of her voice and choice of clothes. And I'm sticking to that ^^


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