Taekwon Girl - Ragnarock Online

In Progress

Auchinawa 2008




I originally found this costume in a google search of RO outfits that I could make in the 3 days I gave myself before Amecon 08! At first I thought it was a fanart but it turns out to be the in-game outfit too.

It's cute and fairly simple, need to stretch my legs a bit before trying anything complicated after a cosplay/con break.

As it happened 3 days just wasn't enough time to complete it and tidy my house/eat/sleep/etc etc....I'm not making excuses really! Anywho since I'm going to Auchinawa apparently and actually have like 2 months I can do it justice rather than throw some pieces together in a "safetypin cosplay" and yet again never post any irl pics coz they all look horrific!


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