Sally Bowles (Night club "Mein Hier") - Cabaret

Status :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2011


full costume.

Sally Bowles top half.



The legendary Sally Bowles from cabaret
Love the costume and always wanted to do my own version

So this is kind of a work in progress. i've got enough to make a tangible costume, but i wanna keep improving it.
My current improvements mean i want to get new shorts and actually sew on the suspenders so that they look more sally bowlesish...
also i really need to stitch a bra in to the backless waistcoat.

Full backed Waistcoat - £14.99 H&M
Coorect tie back wasitcoat - £3.99
Suspenders - £3 - H&M
Shoes - £49 M&S (they're also my college shoes too XD)
Stockings - £2.99 - primark
Shorts - £2 - primark
Bowler hat - lifted from my school play when they were done with it ;)

It's a lot more than i usually spend on a costume...but i needed all the stuff anyway
Shoes i needed for school, Stockings i needed for cabaret, Waistcoat i wanted for school... and who DOESN'T need a bowler hat?!?


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