Crona (Child Crona) - Soul Eater


This costume is my all time favourite ^-^ Especially as Crona is one of my top characters. I planned to do older Crona until I began to research his costume more and noticed that I probably wouldn't suit his outfit and also he was the tallest out of the gang and I'm the smallest out of my friends xD So I went ahead and did the child version.

I was planning on having Ragnarok plush and a sword on the day. But discovered a week before that I had no chance of making a sword since I couldn't find big enough wood. Then, I was going to make my plush. But on the Wednesday night before I sat down at 6pm and had no clue how to work my sewing machine. I decided since I didn't need to work on my cosplay I'd just keep trying and make a Ragnarok plushie for fun anyway. I ended up staying up till 1am because I enjoyed making him so much ^^ And it paid off since I got him made for the expo

cowiee posted on 1 November, 2011 - 17:15
Kid Crona, so cute! And you do look like a child in the first picture. You suit Crona so well! wow, :O

Anonymous posted on 20 January, 2012 - 20:16
i love this chibi Crona and im also in the middle of making Ragnarok plushie too :3

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