Trish - Devil May Cry 4




I wanted to either cosplay Lady or Trish, and left it up to which costume I found bits for first. A pair of leather trousers turned up, so my choice was made. I'll probably cosplay lady some other time.

The boots were just as is. The trousers wer altered to fit better and had the design painted on. The arm band, choker and corset were all made from scratch. The guns were toy pistols with milliput used to change the shape, then painted.

Got new belt buckles so I don't have to put up with home-made ones, but no piccies of them yet.


gaming_goddess posted on 11 June, 2011 - 07:53
you make an excellent tish - very sexy! :)

Dragonkid01 posted on 26 August, 2011 - 17:04
nice Trish from Devil May Cry 4

TheGyroCaptain posted on 25 August, 2012 - 15:00
Cool costume

Methos posted on 24 April, 2013 - 11:03
this looks amazing, loving the corset :)