Rapunzel (blonde) (Blonde) - Tangled




so im using my original costume but going to get the blonde wig with flowers

i saw themagicallucy's rapuzel wig and its just pure amazing so i hope i can do mine like that she has spurred me on to do with version. i really wished i could have seen it in real life but from her pics she looks amazing! go look at her pics ... go now XD

so yea this is to replace garnet on the friday of expo but i might still bring garnet cos shes so cute

Worn at may expo 2011. Hopefully I will reward this for midlands but with a new wig :) if I get time


TheStarlightFairy posted on 3 May, 2011 - 22:23
OMG yaaay I can't wait to see this! I love your Punzie dress, and would love to see how you do the wig

J-Po posted on 3 May, 2011 - 22:27
aww thank you i cantwait to see your your so professional :D well the wig as my friendasked me to do this with her disney princess i said she had to help me with the wig :D lol so i think there may be a lot of anger and frustration lol

- posted on 3 May, 2011 - 23:06
Wow you look totally adorable in this!

J-Po posted on 3 May, 2011 - 23:29
aww thankyouuuu

FusionRose posted on 3 May, 2011 - 23:57
Awww bub you are going to look gorgeous! x.

BabemRoze posted on 4 May, 2011 - 07:59
It's gonna look great! =D

J-Po posted on 4 May, 2011 - 10:39
thank you guys :)

Phoenix Xlr8r posted on 6 May, 2011 - 22:04
beware i will scour the expo for photos of you in this XD

J-Po posted on 6 May, 2011 - 22:12
hahaha thats cool XD i can just imagine you looking round all the stand and under tables lol

Phoenix Xlr8r posted on 6 May, 2011 - 22:35
hehe i guess it would be more appropriate if i cosplayed gin-senpai whilst doing that lol XD

J-Po posted on 7 May, 2011 - 17:20
hahha shame on youuuu

FuriePhoenix posted on 7 May, 2011 - 18:57
gonna be sooooooooo cute and I may not see it, coz if im not needed with last minute setting up on tokyopop, i wont be there on friday!

Phoenix Xlr8r posted on 8 May, 2011 - 20:36
i know it might be too early to ask but would you consider wearing this for the october expo as theres a disney group and my mate has decided to go as stitch and is getting me to go as flynn rider and knowing how amazing you are in these cosplays i would love it if you joined as punzie XD

J-Po posted on 8 May, 2011 - 21:41
furie waaaaa you might not be there on the friday :O but we have a rapuzel an kida :O no ariel liam awww i dont think i can go to october expo cos im going to ayacon instead :(

FuriePhoenix posted on 14 May, 2011 - 19:04
Wig looks great!!! Where did you get it from??? And I know... it sucks!

J-Po posted on 14 May, 2011 - 19:20
just on ebay 51" wig

BabemRoze posted on 15 May, 2011 - 11:46
Wig is sooooooooooooo pretty!

Sherbet-Lemon posted on 24 May, 2011 - 01:43
J if you ever do this again at a con or something im going to let me know plx... i wana cosplay Flynn xD

zabuza89 posted on 24 May, 2011 - 01:57
looking great popo =]

J-Po posted on 24 May, 2011 - 12:50
fank you guys, Kairu it might appear but if i put on even the slightest of weight it will never fit again lmao

BabemRoze posted on 25 May, 2011 - 10:20
I love the wig! It's so pretty *-* is it heavy to wear?

J-Po posted on 25 May, 2011 - 13:11
its actually not that bad to wear but it gets frizzy easy apparently according to meg lol

FuriePhoenix posted on 25 May, 2011 - 18:12
So cant wait to see this in person and take pictures!!

FuriePhoenix posted on 31 May, 2011 - 19:59
Aww you used my photos! yay!

TheStarlightFairy posted on 1 June, 2011 - 22:20
You look so pretty ^^ I love how you styled the wig

Raye-chan posted on 12 June, 2011 - 20:14
^_^ You make a lovely Rapunzel! ^_^ Congrats x

StrawberryCherry posted on 31 July, 2011 - 14:34
Stop haxing your genes to look like everyone you cosplay ;] Beautiful job. My sister asked if you worked for disney xD you look lovely m'dear (:

J-Po posted on 31 July, 2011 - 14:37
awwww your too kind :P well you can tell your sister i did work in Disney world florida but not as a character :P

CharlieDoryRose posted on 26 December, 2011 - 17:12
Seriously cute :D

Tally_Zahlen posted on 27 December, 2011 - 12:24
woah, really love this you have done such an amazing job you look just like her!!

J-Po posted on 27 December, 2011 - 17:19
aww thank you guys XD

FusionRose posted on 7 June, 2012 - 14:18
This is my most favourite of your cosplays, i think you should bring her out again =D Get stu to cosplay flynn xD x.

Numta posted on 7 June, 2012 - 14:33
I echo what FusionRose said 0_0

J-Po posted on 7 June, 2012 - 16:10
what a cool idea but i need a new wig but i had an idea about the wig so maybe it will come out :)

FusionRose posted on 7 June, 2012 - 16:33
Do the wefting technique I showed you =D x

dan-dan posted on 25 January, 2013 - 19:51
this is really good :)

Phee posted on 5 February, 2013 - 23:44
Can't wait to see the finished wig!

J-Po posted on 6 February, 2013 - 21:23
me either its a mess of tangles at the minute lol

Cavahn posted on 10 February, 2013 - 21:15
O: This is SO cute! <3

HarryKurt posted on 17 February, 2013 - 19:25
This was lovely! Your wig was so beautifully done. :)

ChibiMatsu posted on 17 February, 2013 - 19:27
This was a really good cosplay, kinda felt bad when i gave you a hug and wrecked the back lights, look foward to your alisa cosplay when i go to london as lars

J-Po posted on 18 February, 2013 - 07:19
aww thank you guys and you didnt ruin my wig it is indestructible lol i just wished i didnt look silly on pictures :P

SamanthaKaiba posted on 18 February, 2013 - 17:38
This looks fantastic...I love the wig so much ^_^

Sephirayne posted on 19 February, 2013 - 12:35
The wig is amazing. Great job ;)

J-Po posted on 19 February, 2013 - 16:21
thank youuuuu

Tracy posted on 21 February, 2013 - 17:02
Incredible,especially the hair and how you embroidered the designs on the skirt.

ToroSonyCat posted on 21 February, 2013 - 17:18
Beautiful, I really love how you did the wig!

Progress Journal

18th February 2013

my secret

so i made the epic wig of doom, and then i made it more magical by making it light up :) that was my little secret tehehe unfortunately i went to a convention where they couldn't dim the lights so noone could see and i just looked like i was miming badly to a song lol

10th February 2013

How to create a heavy wig

Firstly get a pair of tights and fill with wadding, then attach these tights to the underside of the wig cap weave to laves over the top part of the tights and cut the rest of the wig off to create wefts, you will also need another wig the sale colour to achieve a fully covered twist plait.
Use a mixture of superglue to hold the weafts down and then pva to stop the fly away wisps. Then you have a very heavy wig where you cannot move your head

4th February 2013


AUGHHHHHHHH i went back home this weekend to see the folks and to pick up a few thing i.e Rapunzel dress. However when i looked at it, i thought yep i need to remake it. So with less than 2 weeks lots of embroidery and a wig to recreate i will be burning the midnight oil

24th January 2013

WIG Version 2

i had to make a new thicker one although Megity Meg did a great job on the last one that sadly got waaaay to knotted to use again. So i decided to make another one this time i have used wadding and a pair of tights. i should have made it like a real plat but i thought that would be waaaaaay to heavy so i have done the wrap around and then i will weave a third layer through. The weaves are made up from the original long wig i think it was a 61 Inch wig but i could be wrong, don't they look lovely (see pic:P). Sadly i cant add any more as i have run out of super glue lol darn you super glue...... but tights who knew :P

18th January 2013

new wig

Yes new wig needed lol letssee what i can do with it :P

24th May 2011


yey its been styled by megitymeg :D might get some pics up if she loads em befroe we go, but you guys will see it on friday :D

20th May 2011

one bit left

i have the wig now i just need to go over to the lovely megitymegs to get it all fixed up then this outfit is complete :D

6th May 2011

Pascal :D

i finally got a pascal they came into stores about 2 weeks ago, i haveto say i was one of the first to handel them XD sometimes delivery shifts are ace, but im the last one to buy it lol

so yea go buy yourself a pascal :D and the films out soon tooooooooo