China [Wan Yao] - Hetalia: Axis Powers




I've always loved China. After breaking away from an old cosplay group, I found myself free to cosplay who I wished. I decided to finally fulfil my dreams.

*Wig from eBay. Very reasonable. Advertised itself as real human hair but thankfully turned out to be nylon? Strange.
*Shirt also from eBay. Unfortunately it doesn't have four pockets, like the official costume, but I hope people can overlook that.
*My other shirt [green t shirt] is from my army cadet school group.
*Belt from Poundland. Didn't have /anything/ for my waist, so my father thankfully punched a hole in it for me at the correct size. I need to secure it at the back with a hair tie though, it's so long...
*Trousers ordered from army surplus online. Lighter green than the shirt, but hopefully no one'll be that pedantic? >A< I could try to dye them, but most army outfits are made for boil washing, so they might not dye right...
*Puttees [the cloths around his legs], I bought a white/cream bedsheet from ASDA and cut the sides off. Doubled them over, and sewed them together. Finished them off with a zigzag stitch along the side to stop fraying. School textiles lessons, you taught me well.
*Armband. Had a red shirt lying around so I massacred that and cut the sleeves off. Cut out a star from yellow material, and used bondaweb to iron that on. Had to secure it to the shirt with pins though.
*Boots. Another advantage of being an army cadet. Standard issue boots. Also I had to pay for these myself, so I don't have to give them back eventually.


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