Madara - Naruto Shippuuden




Young Madara (so, pre-Akatsuki)

Will be trying for the red-armour outfit, possibly with his war fan, but if I can't get it done in time, I'll be going for his standard Uchiha outfit, as seen in the ref pic of someone else's cosplay. As it's incredibly hard to find a decent ref pic of that particular outfit, I had to use their cosplay.

Due to Ayacon's prop restrictions, I might not be making the war fan for that con, but I'll probably have it for another con.

The wig will probably be pre-styled, as my wig styling skills aren't that advanced yet, but if I can find a decent unstyled wig, I'll give it a go.

For Hyper Japan, I'll be going as pre-founding of Konoha Madara.


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Progress Journal

12th October 2011

Warfan and Kama

I've done so much progress on his fan and kama, yet I've forgotten to update this... XD
Currently, one side of the fan is completely painted and done, just need to paint the other side and do a few touch-ups and it's done.

The kama blade is drying after some masking tape took off some silver paint so I had to redo it, which I wasn't pleased about, but once the new paint dries I can attach it to the pole and then that's pretty much done, too.

Not long until expo, but I think I'll get it finished in time~