Edward Elric (v1) - Fullmetal Alchemist





This was made quickly for a friend's party, but despite all the inaccuracies, I'm still quite pleased with it.

The automail took 4 hours to complete, and is made from brown pleather spray painted silver, stuck together with hot glue (which I later discovered was not the best choice of adhesive). I had reference for the hand and forearm, but just winged it on the upper arm due to time limits (at this stage, it was two hours before the party xD). It's taped onto the black sleeve (which again was glued together) at some points, and the glove was spraypainted in strips because of lack of time.

The shirt I bought from a charity shop (lucky find!), and the jeans are from Asda, though they're rather girly in my opinion.... The cloak is just a piece of red fabric I found in a charity shop, and I didn't have enough time to paint the design onto it.

I really need to sort out makeup, as my eyebrows are way too dark for the character, and I need to make my lips duller. I also need to dye the wig slightly darker/blonder, to make it suit the character and my skin tone just a tiny bit more.


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Progress Journal

31st March 2012

Automail 2


9th May 2011


The glue ended up not holding only minutes before I had to leave for the party I was wearing this to, so duck tape came to the rescue xD

1st May 2011


Originally a teaser picture for my friends.