Kuja (Dissidia (Commission)) - Final Fantasy IX


Ayacon 2011




For the lovely Tanya who is being my Kuja to AyaCon 2011 and MCM Expo October 2011

Making all the outfit aka;
Jacket, top, sleeves, Thong, Skirt, Boots, Feather.
Koiice will prove the wig.

My first time Gradient dying and it went rather well compared to what I thought would happen. The Thong is based on a real pair to keep them secure.

So far the hardiest part is the golden undertop with all them spikes D8. Most of this outfit its just time consuming. XD


80% Complete now just needs gloves and shoes done 8D Shoes are mostly done just need armour attaching to the boot which they are cut out ready for attaching then can be called complete


Koiice posted on 2 May, 2011 - 12:25
Am gonna be cold O_O;

J-Po posted on 24 June, 2011 - 17:50
but your gonna look ace :D woot sora your so cool at these things :P

ammersXamphetamine posted on 24 June, 2011 - 18:04
wow the character looks amazing! I soo hope that you can pull this off! :)

Sasashie posted on 2 July, 2011 - 21:37
nice work so far xx

- posted on 7 July, 2011 - 13:03
Looking brilliant!

Koiice posted on 7 July, 2011 - 16:45
Wooo,looking good ^^ I gets to wear it on ze 25th yush ^^ and photoies? 0w0

Darkiekun posted on 7 July, 2011 - 19:08
030........ I better work faster....... >3< Glad you likes it XD

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Progress Journal

7th August 2011


Kuja boots are finally under way making the armour for the boots today 8D

6th August 2011

Man Skirt Complete

Completed his butt skirt and thong today just need a model for it but shes not here xD
We added white ontop of the pink aswell as adding gold ribbons around the whole thing. Looks pretty goooood 8) Photo soon

7th July 2011

Jacket and thong

Here we go Thong is attached to panties and has start of gold attached. Jacket now has two sleeves and gold attached. Next is the collor, More gold, Skirt and boots

6th July 2011

Puff sleeves

Working on the puff sleeves for this the past few nights. They are mostly ready to be attached to the Jacket just needs some more work. I did sew on the flowy sleeve and sewn it on upstaide down......only I can do that =3= so had to unpick and redo XD looks nice now 8D

2nd July 2011

Jacket WIP 3

Once the lining was in I then did the gold around the outside. Next will be the collar and Sleeves 8D

2nd July 2011

Jacket WIP 2

I then sewn my lining together and then attached as usual to come up with this so far

2nd July 2011

Jacket WIP 1

Today I started the Jacket. I took the cut out pieces of Velvet and attached the front parts to some Foam before making the Jacket as usual. This gave the front a more Armoured effect like Kuja's Jacket seems to have.

29th June 2011


Next I have bought the white fabric to go over the top of the skirt to give it a better contrast. That is half attached (mostly because I wanted to test the new Sewing Machine MWAHAHAHA) And I also have pieces of the Jacket cut out ready and waiting.

28th June 2011


Kuja's bangles and belt buckles have been shaped by Koiice using Fimoooo!
Using reference pictures to create the shapes, they have now been baked and ready to use ;)

28th June 2011

Boot Start

I have also started on the boot, wrapping a material round and connecting the piece together with a zipper. I have attached this to a boot.
After that I began on the boot armor. Using foam sheets and cutting them into shape and covering them with purple material. They have now been pinned onto the boot in place.

28th June 2011

Under top

The golden under top has been completed. It has been made by two large pieces of foam, cut and sewn together. Lines of foam have been hot glued down to give the shape on the front of the top.
A golden lyra has been sewn on to give the top a shiney soft feel ;D
To hold the top together on Koiice's body I have used Velcro to secure it.

24th June 2011

Kuja Start

Here is the start of Kuja! The man skirt and sleeves have been gradient dyed purple. Koiice has decided to put another white layer on top of the skirt (not in photo) as Kuja seems to mostly have the purple inside of his skirt. This was my first time dying 8D xD Man thong is in progress here with nice man crotch of doom 8D

19th June 2011


Progress will be started this tuesday once we get everything else Monday 8D Only afew things to get before full progress starts!

11th May 2011

Purple and Gold

The Purple and gold Fabric arrived today for Kuja and I'm rather happy with the colours! They sit together rather nicely which is gooooooooood. Will start on this soon ^^