Solid Snake (Green Camo, young snake) - Metal Gear Solid




I ALWAYS love dressing up in pretty dresses or as sexy characters and therefore am always female. My friend however always crossplays and so dared us to swap for once. In return for her becoming Avatar's Toph I decided to become Solid Snake. I'm a big fan of the Metal Gear Solid games and snake seemed the ultimate ironic character for a girlie princess like me to choose to crossplay. I had also never seen a female snake cosplay before so I wanted to try it out. Plus, hiding in cardboard box looked fun ^_^

The hardest part turned out to be the gun purely because the spray paint melted the plastic of it a little xD.

The easiest part turned out to be the trousers, a total chance find in TK-Maxx for 70p!! Incredible and gorgeous!

I learnt that its fun to cosplay as a man and act as manly as possible whilst feeling girlie inside. That fake beards are hard to remove. Also that it baffled me A LOT that day when people called me sir xD.

The outfit is incredibly comfortable and very cosy and snug ^_^. The boots were my hiking boots so they were beautiful to walk in.


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