Nagisa Furukawa (School Girl) - CLANNAD




I loved CLANNAD! I also found Nagisa very cute. ^^

And so, I had to cosplay as her! But, because I sucked at making jackets and such, I just went and bought her. ^^;

I even cute my hair to look like Nagisa's. XD;

The Dango, however, was hand-made my me. I cute out the shape, and sawned it together. I then stuffed it. The Dango sings the Dango Song, because I went a bought a blank sound box from "Build-a-bear-factory". Then, I drew eyes using a black marker.

I've only worn this cosplay once, and I've already retired it. I don't plan to wear it again, but it holds something important about it. It was the cosplay I wore when I met my girlfriend. It was also the cosplay I bought when I was with a very dear friend of mine.

It holds so much value to my heart... I can't part with it. ^^


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