The Crimson Dragon - Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds




Doing Crimson was a spare of the moment, thing.

The whole thing was started out from a Red Dragon party costume, which me and my Girlfriend came across in a costume shop a little while ago. I had thought on editing it - so, I bought it for £40 and then took it home to edit.

I cut out the tiny jaw it had and created a new, bigger one; using the fur I had cute from the silly wings it had. I shaped out the jaw out of cardboard and red, paper foam teeth sawn to it (I dunno how I did that, don't ask). Now that I had a new jaw, I had sawn it to the head, but I left a gap for my eyes to look through. I then finished by using a tiny bit of the left over fur to fill the gap - I can see through it, but no one can see me. ^^

For the eyes, I got simply yellow paper foam and cut of Crimson's eye shape, and the long pattern that went around them. I them sawned them onto the head and over the Dragon costume's origial eyes.

To finish, I got a metal clothes hanger and bent it into shape. I then poked it into the tail and stuff the tail a bit more with toy stuffing, to give it more shape and movement. On the end, I sawned Crimson's patterned tail spike to the end.

For Crimson's hands/claws, I simply used fluffy red gloves. ^^

It was the first time I did something like this, so it was a little hard. Not to mention I was having a hard time finsing time to do this before Expo. ._.

He has already gone to a couple of Expos/cons, and i plan to take him to many more. He's not gonna retire just yet. ^^


yumcarrots posted on 20 July, 2011 - 21:42
This looks really awesome!