EVA - Metal Gear Solid 3


Nemacon 2011


I actually adore this costume, its so comfortable to wear and great for self-confidence! It wasn't all too difficult to make, the jumpsuit is still a tad too big at the top but I will hopefully fix that for Nemacon 2011. I've always been a metal gear solid fan and have already cosplayed snake at Kitacon so I wanted to do a female metal gear cosplay.

Having seen so many sexy and beautiful cosplays I decided it was time to up my game and make myself one that isn't frumpy or heavy to wear.

The jumpsuit was tricky to make so I used some materials along with a very old jumpsuit to work on and update so in the end I think it looks near new.

The bikini top is in fact just a bra as it gives better support and cleavage lines.

Boots I already owned, belt and bag are the ones from my snake costume. Gun was bought from pound shop and spray painted, pouch was from there too, goggles I already owned too.

The wig was from ebay and I think it is absolutely beautiful! Wasn't too hot or uncomfortable to wear and looks stunningly like EVA.

The gloves were kids green riding gloves from ebay.

The watch (not seen in pics as I took it off to protect it) was borrowed from a friend but I'm looking at getting one from a cheap shop or market soon.

I love this outfit and it will certainly make it to both Nemacon 2011 and Kitacon 2012.

CyanideCustard posted on 10 May, 2011 - 19:19
another eva, this pleases me alot

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