Blaise (Team Magma Admin) - Pokémon Adventures





-About the character-
Blaise is one of the Three Fires, Admins of Team Magma, along with Courtney and Tabitha. Unlike the other 2, he doesn't appear in the original games, thus making him a manga only character. Like all of the Three Fires, Blaise has a special lighter that can transmit and record images by burning them on paper. Blaise's speciality is creating illusions with fire and heat. Usually, the heat is enough to wear his opponents down to the point where he can easily confuse and knock out their Pokemon. He is not a very good battler, and his Pokemon often lack the strength. His skills at illusion-making often makes up for his lack of strength, however. He is also however, a little full of himself. His Pokemon consist of 2 Slugma, a Swellow and a Armaldo.


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