Uzumaki Naruto - Naruto


AmeCon 2008



Great character, I didn't know which Naruto character to be and when my sister got her Sasuke costume sorted I was considering Kabuto [ As he's my favourite character. ] When my mate Will wanted to do Sakura it hit me. I'll be Naruto.

I'm a lot like him, [ a hell of a lot of people relate to him I know. ] and it's fun to run around being a complete moron.

Worn this costume at Amecon 08 and Fuyucon 08, plus Gloucester's Recon.

Worn also at both Masqurades of Amecon and Fuyucon.

This cosplay was retired after Fuyucon, but due to a disaster with another costume I'm getting it back out the wardrobe for Amecon 09.

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