Leonie Heartilly

Costume :Rinoa Heartilly
Source :Final Fantasy VIII
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2007

Costume Photos


Blossoms in the Breeze

She's Got a Thing About Rings...

Petal to Feather

Waiting Outside Balamb Garden

Power Over the Elements

Forest Owl's Princess

Angel Wings

That Pose

"That's a secret between you and me. Got that? Rinoa..."

Eyes on You

"Hunger" by Alinthea


Costume Information

Cost : £193.29 (includes updates)
Time Taken : 5 hours?

I have wanted to cosplay Rinoa for years and she's still my favourite Final Fantasy character to date. I adore her style and the design of her outfit. It's unique but not in your face so you can still walk down the street without too many odd looks haha.
This was the very first costume I wore when I started cosplaying in October 2007 and it has had a few updates since with at least one more planned! I love this character so will keep working on the costume until I am satisfied with it =)

"Rinoa is a vivacious and lively young lady. She's not one to be coy and instead is very much open to her feelings and speaks her mind out. She also has this tenderness and warm-hearted compassion that endears her to other people. Usually concerned with the people close to her, she talks to them and let them express what's on their mind and heart.
Though the heroine, she's not at all that perfect. She sometimes act as a spoiled brat. An example of her brattiness was when she pestered Irvine to take the vehicle back. Also she can be stubborn and determined that sometimes lead her trouble which causes Squall to come and rescue her. As some people say, the damsel in distress sydrome. In this case, during the time of the sorceress' assassination plot, she headed to the sorceress' room alone and then getting her into trouble. "


~Please see my journals for more details on the construction of this costume as well as progress photos~

The duster and arm warmers were commissioned from Dream Angles. I altered the clasp slightly and changed the buttons.

The skirt I made myself by altering one I already owned.

I hand-sewed zips into a pair of black lycra cycling shorts.

The black clingy cami-top I brought from Peacocks.

The boots were bought from Shoe Zone and the buckles and straps (whatever they are...) I made myself.

The ring was a plain silver band I brought from a market stall years ago with her character in mind. The chain was taken from another necklace.

Ribbon on her arm is a simple black ribbon which is slightly elasticated to help it stay tied to my upper arm without cutting off my circulation.

I used my natural hair, I just added the clip in extensions.

* 2008 UPDATE *

New shorts with the zips sewn onto the top of them rather than cutting into the fabric.

The skirt was altered so it fit better.

I now have a wig for this costume (Mary by Sepia) which was ordered from International Wig.com. I trimmed the fringe slightly and hand-sewed in the highlights.

Bought sock glue to hold up the arm warmers.

I have a Squall plush to keep me company this time XD

I used a black eyebrow pencil to fill out my eyebrows more and to make sure I matched the wig. My hairs naturally quite dark so I didn't bother last year but tbh it made a big difference.

* 2009 Ayacon UPDATE *

I have new boots which are a more suitable design.

I bought brown contacts (my natural eye colour is blue).


This was the first costume I wore when venturing into the world of cosplay at the London MCM Expo in Oct 2007. I received quite a few compliments and got a buzz being in the masquerade. After that I was hooked and there was no looking back lol However I was amazed at the skill of some of the costumes I saw and realised that mine really needed improving! This was the start of a really expensive (but rewarding) hobby.

I wore Rinoa again on Saturday 25th October 2008 at the London MCM Expo. Same as last year I was asked for many photos and told my costume was very accurate. I'm glad I used a wig this time as I had more comments on my hair. Someone thought it was my actual hair lol Quite a few people found the Squall plush a very cute touch. I was wearing this costume as expo attendees broke the world record for the most people gathered dressed as a character from a game. I was number 80 of 342.

I wore Rinoa yet again on Sunday 16th August at Aya Revolution. I was asked for a fair few photos and friends who have seen me with my natural eye colour said the brown contacts looked really good. I had a long photo shoot with Death May Die and also found a group of other FF8 cosplayers who let me join in for some photos =3 The boots, as predicted, did kill my feet however. Ouch.


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I really like this cosplay. The duster is spot on, and I like how you've got some real attention to detail on the costume! It really suits you! :3

by BlusterSquall on Tuesday, 5 August, 2008 - 23:36
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OMG Squallplushissocute! Iwanttostealitfromyou!! <3

by BlusterSquall on Saturday, 18 October, 2008 - 22:47
Avatar Image

Coolness, this should look better. ^^b

by Mangamad on Wednesday, 22 October, 2008 - 00:38
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This is one of those costumes which is often done but rarely perfected - I loved your version, it was neatly made, the details are spot-on and you look just like her!

by Orihime on Sunday, 8 February, 2009 - 18:41
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You make such a pefect Rinoa!

by letmelive on Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 - 13:04
Avatar Image

Thanks a lot ^-^

by Leonie Heartilly on Thursday, 16 July, 2009 - 18:03
Avatar Image

Leonie I really Love your Rinoa cosplay! ^_^

by Ranma1-2 on Friday, 21 August, 2009 - 22:39
Avatar Image

Thanks =3

by Leonie Heartilly on Friday, 21 August, 2009 - 23:47
Avatar Image

Ohmygosh perfect Rinoa! My new favourite methinks, that material you used for the duster and arm warmers is ace. You're so pretty!!

by HotshotShan on Saturday, 22 August, 2009 - 00:22
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Aww thank you ^^ I commissioned the duster but hope to re-make my own using the same type of material.

by Leonie Heartilly on Saturday, 22 August, 2009 - 18:35
Avatar Image

this was gorgous! was glad i managed to catch a glimps of it at ayacon ^^

by Kaka Extreme on Tuesday, 25 August, 2009 - 17:59
Avatar Image

That means a lot coming from you Kaka thank you ^^

by Leonie Heartilly on Tuesday, 25 August, 2009 - 20:42
Avatar Image

You look perfect! One of the best Rinoa cosplayers out there. ^_^

by MoonLily on Monday, 31 August, 2009 - 22:32
Avatar Image

Ooooh amazing!

by Zehphir on Monday, 21 September, 2009 - 23:40
Avatar Image

I bloomin love this outfit. That picture of you by the water is amazing.xx

by LittleMissChikorita on Tuesday, 22 September, 2009 - 08:59
Avatar Image

-Squees- Such an adorable costume! :3

by DuskatNight on Friday, 19 February, 2010 - 20:52
Avatar Image

Thanks ^^

by Leonie Heartilly on Sunday, 21 February, 2010 - 22:38
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You suit this character well,you make a pretty Rinoa and I love the attention to detail like trying to get the boots right.Most people don't bother with the little things like that.Looks like a lot of love and hard work has gone into it

by leumas on Wednesday, 31 March, 2010 - 00:10
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Thank you ^-^ I'm just a picky arse lol I have updated this costume a few time but there are still improvements I think I could make. I do love this costume though

by Leonie Heartilly on Wednesday, 31 March, 2010 - 23:39
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I can't believe I've never seen this. Fantastic job!

by SlimDefinition on Tuesday, 29 May, 2012 - 17:23
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Thanks =) She's due a massive update but getting the right fabric is difficult.

by Leonie Heartilly on Tuesday, 29 May, 2012 - 21:55

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Brown contacts (Posted 30th July 2009)

Again my aim to be as accurate as possible kicks in, this time down to the colour of my eyes. I ordered a pair of Freshlook Colorblends contacts in "Brown" and love the effect, they look so natural! My actual eye colour is bright blue.

New boots (Posted 25th July 2009)

I have some new boots which are a more suitable design than my last pair (more feminine also) however they're a size too small so I will be complaining about my sore feet a lot >_< The pains we go through for cosplay!

Second version complete (Posted 5th November 2008)

Photos of my updated costume taken at the London MCM Expo Oct 2008.

Photographers: Silver & Paul Jacques

Squall plushie! (Posted 23rd October 2008)

It's so cute =D

Wig (Posted 21st October 2008)

Wig arrived. At first was annoyed to find it didn't actually have a side parting (although at least had a side fringe). Wished it was slightly longer too tbh but oh well. I trimmed the fringe slightly to shape it better and cut up the auburn highlights (managed to find the same seller on ebay again and order the same ones I got last year) and sewed them into the wig just under the hairline. Not a professional attempt but the finished result looked ok ^-^

2008 UPDATE (Posted 10th October 2008)

10th Oct-
Sock glue is my new friend. No more slipping arm-warmers yay!

15th Oct-
New shorts had the zips sewn straight on top of the fabric this time to stop bunching. I was worried would look bad but has actually come out okay =) The shorts are slighter shorter in the leg than my last pair though.

23rd Oct-
Fabric for my new skirt turned up and I spent a couple hours cutting, sewing, un-stitching and trying again before I admitted that I fail at making a simple mini-skirt and gave up rather frustrated. The fabric was a lot darker than I wanted anyway (what happens when you buy online) so I resigned to somehow patch up my old one.

24th Oct-
Right skirt attempt part 2. I hacked off extra material and re-stitched the waistline. The zip came out as I found the fit was a lot better when using buttons. The back of the skirt gapes open but thankfully the duster covers that, the front of the skirt looked how I wanted it too so all is good ^-^

25th Oct-
Realised that I should have used a black eyebrow pencil to fill out and darken my eyebrows last year as it looks lot better.

First version complete (Posted 5th November 2007)

Photos of my first version of this costume taken during the masquerade at London MCM Expo Oct 2007.

EDIT 2011
Yes I shouldn't have entered as I didn't make the duster but I was a young newb and have learned better since lol I haven't entered a masquerade with a commissioned outfit since then (unless it's allowed like Aya, Kita & Ame).

Photographers: Mediev.net & unknown.

Hair (Posted 15th October 2007)

My natural hair style is pretty much the same as Rinoa's so I dyed my hair black and got some auburn-brown hair extensions which I cut to the right length & width and clipped into my hair. You could see the hair grips close up however so I may try a wig next time with the highlights put through properly. I have had my hair dyed like hers properly a few years back though, shame I didn't cosplay then!

Photo- My hair in 2005 when I had it dyed like Rinoa's.

Ring and chain (Posted 15th October 2007)

The ring was a simple silver band I brought from a market stall years ago with her character in mind. The way the chain links are on her necklace are unique and I couldn't find anything that matched it so just found the closest looking necklace I could (which involved me taking off a pendant and re-attaching the links) which I then put the ring through.

Boots and buckles (Posted 15th October 2007)

Boots are actually meant to be boys school boots lol but they managed to fit me.They have 5 shoe lace holes and I tied them only up to the 4th as Rinoa does. The metal clasps she has on the front of the boots I made by taking apart 2 belts I got from Claire's Accessories and glueing the top part of the belt buckle to a black strip of elasticated material which I wrapped around the boot and tied underneath just in front of the heel. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.